Backe upp OL ner

Start: 13:10 tisdag 2019-11-12
Slut: 16:30 tisdag 2019-11-12

V45 – Hill + O Intz Aneby

Course lengths – 4-5x intervals - Long = 1300m (include 290m long 35m incline hill to start point) + 4x controls - Short = 1000-1100m (include 290m long 35m incline hill to start point) + 3x controls Map Scale – 1:5000

Map + Terrain – The forest is very open, you can see a very long way! So I have taken off some feature from the map (for example, paths/vegetation). The reason for this is because in this training you should plan ahead, use your compass and look a long way ahead into the forest to see the shapes in the terrain. You will be able to run/orienteer faster if you use the big easy to see feature (without needing to slow down to read the small details.

Courses – Heavily gaffled. Because the hill to the start is not “too” big or tough there will be still be some climbing in the orienteering section (not only down hill) so save some energy!

Intervals start – Mass start for everyone every 8min (example interval 1 start 14:00, int2 start 14:08, int3 start 14:16 ….)

Punching system – Touch control (knock a control over and run away without hanging it back up = Disqualification)

Warm up – there will be a 1600m warm up map for those that want. I will go up the hill and past the start of the orienteering section for you to learn before the intervals start


    • Axel Elmblad
    • Sara Granstedth
    • Emanuel Herberthson
    • Viktor Jellvert Börjesson
    • Simon Harden
    • Amanda Granqvist
    • Eleonora Alinder
    • William Sturesson
    • Erika Källvik Leufven
    • Hugo Kindborn
    • Thea Nordin Abaji
    • Elsa Sonesson
    • Hugo Djurstedt
    • Hugo Ericsson
    • Ida Eskilsson
    • Wilma Bergander
    • Casper Skepp
    • Julia Rangert
    • Emma Eriksson
    • Agnes Djurstedt
    • Märta Ljungberg
    • Johanna Källvik Leufven
    • Albin Kronkvist
    • Sixten Ekbladh
    • Alma Gustafsson
    • Olof Ljunggren
    • Gustav Runefors
    • Simon Svahn
    • Hanna Johannesson
    • Hanna Johannesson
    • Ella Persson
    • David Borg
    • Arvid Aronsson
    • Joar Hertin
    • Mattis Persson
    • Erik Ingermarsson
    • Hilda Holmqvist Johansson
    • Viktor Waernqvist
    • Hugo Jakobsson
    • Alma Vilhelmsson
    • Thea Fagerström
    • Petter Leibe Bergstedt